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We apply our deep health care delivery and wellness expertise, in particular with underserved populations, and experience in creating business efficiency to help address health equity, one of society's most vexing economic and social issues.  We are fueled by a passionate conviction of the importance of connectivity in addressing fundamental human injustice and unnecessary suffering.

We blend experience in working with hundreds of patients in our target underserved populations with the foundational belief that we are all connected - what affects one directly affects all indirectly.  We provide specific recommendations and practices in facilitating a continuum of care, utilizing creative technology solutions that support our mission.  Our passion and extensive experience in providing care and support to underserved populations from inside and outside of traditional health mega structures positions the company for success in achieving economic gains and equality.

  1. Quality is Efficient
  2. Leverage Current Technology
  3. Everyone Matters
  1. Quality is Efficient - Our extensive experience in working with vulnerable populations across various activities that influence health outcomes (i.e. nutrition, exercise, chronic disease management, primary care, etc.) in addition to community based health promotion activities positions us well for establishing a more efficient continuum of care for our target populations. 
  2. Leverage Current Technology - We believe leveraging current technology is critical to developing cost effective solutions for our target patient populations, a patient mix that has tremendous opportunity to develop and apply innovative IT-enabled solutions across our primary, secondary and tertiary framework.  Healthcare IT solutions are already supporting tertiary efforts, improving clinical and financial outcomes.  Healthcare information technology computing platforms are already supporting safety, quality and efficiency efforts with healthcare providers.  Physician practices are implementing medical record and practice management solutions as well as electronic health records (EHR).  We strongly believe applying these capabilities across primary and secondary activities to our target populations will be critical to achieving efficiency and equality.  Our initial focus will be on further developing existing relationships with health care technology providers as well as continuing to explore establishing additional collaboration opportunities.
  3. Everyone Matters - This theme is an important and too often neglected component of providing care for all patients.  For vulnerable patients, due to historical as well as current societal factors, this neglect can be particularly troublesome.  We understand that vulnerability is NOT just a patient variable but is a product of health care provider factors as well as patient factors.  Vulnerability in essence is driven by the circumstances in which these critical interactions take place.  We understand and manage to the notion that several factors increase and decrease vulnerability and have very profound effects on financial and human outcomes. Cultivating and incorporating this perspective in care delivery, as well as in the development of technology solutions, distinguishes our approach.
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